International students

International students

Welcome to Rødding Højskole

If you wish to explore your resources and your strengths creatively, intellectually, and physically without having to pass admission tests or exams, Rødding Højskole may be the answer to your wishes. At our folk high school we offer a wide range of courses and activities, as well as the companionship of students of many nationalities, religious and cultural backgrounds, all participating on equal terms. As the teaching at Rødding Højskole is in Danish, you have to speak at least a basic danish to join the school and the classes.

The folk high school is a unique Danish institution inspired by the theologian and politician N.F.S. Grundtvig's ideas of a school for the uneducated adults to prepare them for participation in the dawning democracy in Denmark.

Rødding Højskole in South Jutland is the first and oldest existing Danish folk high school, founded in 1844 by the Danish professor Christian Flor whose purpose first and foremost was to waken the young peasants' awareness of being Danish, as part of the fight for preservation of the Danish language and culture in the borderlands between Denmark and Germany in the nineteenth century.

You find Rødding Højskole with its magnificent garden and beautiful buildings on the outskirts of Rødding, about 60 kilometres north of the German border. Due to expansions through the years, the school consists of several buildings, old and new ones - Flor's House originates from 1832 - which has created an exceptional, romantic atmosphere. At Rødding Højskole you can get lost in twisted hallways and hidden passages.

What is a folk high school?

A folk high school is a non-formal educational institution recognized and subsidized by the Danish government. There are no demands as to previous education or occupation, and there are no exams. 

The folk high school aims at holistic education by putting emphasis on intellect and body, reflection and creativity, musicality, commitment - in short, a folk high school educates its students to be aware of their own ideals and thus enabling them to grow and develop into democratic members of society. 

We believe the learning does not become a significant part of our lives unless we are actively involved and share responsibility. The actual teaching, which is based on a close and committed cooperation between teacher and students, takes place 5-6 days a week, and only exceptional reasons for absence will be accepted. We live by the concept 'learning for life'.

Aim and philosophy

An essential part in folk high schools is the boarding element. Studying and living at school creates a sense of community, gives possibilities of close companionship and exchange of views. It is learning for life, a school that offers an exclusive opportunity to enhance each individual's resources intellectually, creatively and physically. Studying in a warm and open environment, working closely with other students and staff stimulates personal growth and development. The activities should provide a comprehensive approach, stimulate curiosity and critical thinking.
The typical folk high school student is between 18 and 25 years old, but we also welcome 17-year-old students.

Courses and Classes to attend

A traditional Danish folk high school course is an option for anyone who is ready to challenge him or herself for a period of at least 12 weeks. You are guaranteed 24-hour-a-day experiences of meeting new friends and exploring new sides of yourself.

As a common folk high school, Rødding Højskole offers a wide range of courses. If you have no knowledge of the Danish language it would be too hard to be a part of the school, as the classes will be in Danish. If you already master the Danish language you can choose one of the main subjects: Litterature & Horizon, Politic & USA, Journalism & The Middle East, Design & Innovation or Musik - Hands on!

To get a full week's schedule you must choose among other subjects, such as music, ceramics, graphic design, weaving, choir, history, glas, ball games and several more. Please be aware that the classes requires a certain amount of skills in Danish language beforehand.

At the beginning, the instructions and announcements will be given in English and then gradually in Danish. As most Danes master the English language quite well, your fellow Danish students and our teachers are always prepared to assist you with translations.

During a course there are full weeks that are not on the regular schedule. During such weeks we either go on a study trip to another European country or we have 'main subject weeks' which gives you the opportunity to occupy yourself exclusively with your main subject.

International students in a danish environment

At each course, Rødding Højskole welcomes about five foreign students, mainly from Europe but also from other parts of the world. We appreciate the possibility of broadening our horizon which the international students as an integrate part of the school give, and you pay back as a boarding student by making friends with your fellow students, not only by sharing accommodations and learning but also by sharing fun and worries.

Start of Semester

Fall 2018
17 weeks: 19.8. - 15.12.2018
13 weeks: 16.9. - 15.12.2018

Spring 2019
24 weeks: 5.1.2019 - 21.6.2019
18 weeks: 15.2.2019 - 21.6.2019
13 weeks: 22.3.2019 - 21.6.2019

Fall 2019
17 weeks: 18.8. - 14.12.2019
13 weeks: 15.9. - 14.12.2019

Fees and scholarship

Week-price international  students
The week  price is 1495 DKR which covers all expenses including food and accommodations.

Next to this you pay
- 1000 DKR in administration fee
- 3300 DKR for the study tour
-  500 DKR to a common activity pool (that the students administrates)
- 500 DKR for materials (if you haven’t used the money at the end of the stay, you will get them back)
- And for the materials you use in the subjects.
- And additional payment for single room: 200 DKR/  week


Students on a Scandivian or Danish Institute:
Every semester we have a few scholarships for students from a Scandinavian or Danish Institute, which makes it possible to attend Rødding Højskole on a scholarship.

Please contact Rødding Højskole for further information.

Take contact to the principal of the school if you want to know more:

At Rødding Højskole, computers are necessary tools. As a long term student you can rent a Macbook, which you can purchase discounted after the semester (10% discount). The price is 70 DKR/week for the rent and 2500 DKR for the insurance (the 2500 DKR will be paid back at the end of the stay if you don´t buy the MacBook).

How do I apply?

The easiest way to initiate your application is to send us an e-mail. You will find our e-mail address below. Please attach a 'letter of intent' in which you introduce yourself, e.g. why do you wish to attend a Danish folk high school, what are your expectations and goals, what would you like to learn, why would you like to go to Denmark.

Furthermore, we need to know your postal address, your e-mail address, a phone number where you can be reached, your sex, your date of birth, and your nationality. When we have gone through your information, we will mail you a letter of admission, and you will soon be a student at Rødding Højskole.

Please note that in order to be able to take part in life and classes at our school it is essential that you speak and understand Danish.

Rødding Højskole
Flors Allé 1
DK-6630 Rødding

Phone:  +45 74 84 22 84
Telefax:  +45 74 84 19 98

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